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Ravindra is an entrepreneur in his late thirties. He belongs to the family of technically sound community, which is known for their contribution towards art and craft. From childhood only, Ravindra had a deep interest and inclination for art & science.


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In this section we have tried to answer on nearly all possible queries of clients/prospects who may not be technically aware and could be looking for more information or technical know how.

Still if any query persists, you can call us up or write.

Do you have a full time team in Studio8 or hire freelancers and part timers from market?

As we have mentioned that we are a Zero Outsource Business and have our own set up, skill, equipment and manpower in photography division, we never or hardly hire people from the market.

Once in while, in peak work hours/time, we hire skilled manpower for assignments and that is done through stringent quality control measures.

In which regions do you mainly work for the photography assignments?

We work pan India and abroad for the photography/short films/videography assignments.

How do you book/reserve dates for the photography assignment?

We mainly follow first come first serve policy for allotment of dates and strongly believe in NO DESCRIMINATION POLICY. But for our loyal clients we give them priority in allotment of dates.

What is the RATE CARD or QUOTATION for photography / Videography or Film development work?

There is no such rate card available with any agency for the photography / videography / film development work. There could be an approximate/tentative rate structure for frequent assignments. Because every assignment is different and the client requirement is also different. Same genre of photography may require different type of gears and post processing depending upon the situation and objectives of the assignment. Hence, rate card is not possible.

What is a tentative Turn Around Time for delivery once the shooting is over?

This purely depends on the nature of assignment, specific month/week of business, inputs needed in post processing, editing and many other things. For most of the assignements the average Turnaround Time is 10-15 days.

For Digital Still Photography of commercial works we take almost 2-3 days to deliver final/edited photos.

What are the camera/lenses or equipment used by you?

We use top of the line industry standard cameras, lenses and equipment that are specifically made to suit different genre of assignemts we render. For further details you can refer to the EQUIPMENT page on our website.

Find the link attached here,

How can we secure the date/time slot for shooting?

Call on the contact numbers of STUDIO8 - 9824502288 or 9824502018 and discuss your requirement. Subsequently opt for an estimate from STUDIO8 and on receipt of the estimate, pay the estimated advance amount and get your date/time slot allotted.

In case of dissatisfaction how do you justify your work and output quality?

The situation is nearly impossible that client will be dissatisfied. It happens seldome. Most of the time prospects see our presentation of previously done work and then only give business. Lot of discussions and planning are undertaken to make the assignment a successful one. Yet, due to time constraint, communication gap or outsourced work, if any dissatisfaction occurs, we treat it depending upon a practical approach consdering various factors. Else a reshoot is offered wherever scope permits.

Do you supply negatives or original copies?

In the recent time of Digital Age, all cameras either Still or Movie have gone digital and Digital Cameras have no negative or original. But yes, for specific requirements, we supply Digital Negatives that may be mainly used for Archiving Purpose.

These Digital Negatives will influence the end user pricing.

Do you maintain back up for the assignments done?

Yes, we do. Till the work is in progress and until the final delivery, we maintain full back up of clients data treating it as client's property. Once the final delivery is made we delete our back up. If you wish, you can opt to secure lifetime back up with us by paying some additional amount. By paying Rs. 10 per GB, you can opt for the back up for atleast 20 yrs.

Is there any hidden cost in the assgnment's estimate/quotation given?

No, there is no hidden cost in the assignment. There are certain assignments which are outstation and out of home town. For such assignments if conveyance, food & accommodation is not offered by the client, the cost of conveyance, food and accommodation is charged additionally.

Once booked the shooting assignment/dates, can we cancel the same?

No, it is not possible practically. Because, we allot dates looking at our schedule and after allotment of dates, we prepare lot of props, backdrops, environment and many prerequisites to let the shoot become a successful one. All this incurs a specific cost to us. If you wish to cancel, then too you are liable to pay the amount for preparation and props.

Do you offer special effects photography with green screen and other VFX?

Yes, we offer special effects photography enabled by green screen aid and later edit them for best output in VFX. This purely depends on customer's choice but at the same time the underlying scope also matters a lot in deciding whether it is possible or realistic results can be achieved or not.

Do you do aerial photography and videography?

Yes, we do aerial photography and videography in 4K resolution. We have a trained operator also for the same. But drone photography is a subject to permission to be taken from Home Ministry or Defense Ministry and then only it can be used. We give all documentation support for the same but permission has to be achieved by the client.

Do you source in models and artists for fashion and lifestyle products photography?

Yes, we have a list of local and national models and artists appearing in fashion and lifestyle photography, we source in on your behalf for the same.

The charges of models vary depending upon the time slot, agency's terms and experience and fame level of the model. Being a client you can also source in your model.

Do you offer any services related to grooming and beauty treatment at the time of portrait and fashion shoot?

Yes, we have tied up with many leading beauticians and make up artists and they offer their servides for fashion and portrait shoot. Unless specifically mentioned, this service is payable addtionally.

What resolution do you generally provide for Videos & Photos?

We offer full HD in most of the cases as a resolution of Video. In some cases we offer 4K / Cinema 4K also and that has to be opted separately by paying additional cost.

4K resolution (3840 X 2160) is 4 times bigger resolution than Full HD (1920 X 1080) resolution. Cinema 4K is 4196 X 2160 resolution. We generally give 6k - 8k resolution of photos and that occupies a disk space of almost 12-15 Mb per photo.

Do you offer any services of story board preparation, script writing and all for short films?

Yes, we offer services of script writing, story board preparation, scheduling, shooting and post production for short films.

In a special case, can you edit snaps and videos to hide those visible flaws and limitations faced on ground while shooting?

Yes, we do that but with a minimalist approach because that should a "last minute support tool". Such editing-enhancment comes at extra cost and takes lot of time vis-a-vis it has several limitations also. Hence only, we should try to make things clear and in place while shooting only. Scope of editing and correction should not be a compensation to poor preparation & planning on ground.

Do you upload photos/videos captured by you on social media for your promotional purpose?

Yes, we do that for our promotional purpose and to showcase our work to prospective clients. If you have a concern of privacy or any other, you should let us know and we shall not publish that on social media or any website.

Do you offer videos to upload on youtube & social media platforms?

Yes, we give but that requires you to be holding copyright of those specific songs or music. Else the youtube/facebook will not let you upload the video that violates copyright act.

What if, the photo/video data is missed or not captured properly?

That seldome happens. We use best in the industry memory sticks, back up devies and memory cards. Most of the professional media cards come with a data recovery app/software, hence the data is not lost.

But in an extreme situation, if the data is not exported, missed or not captured due to technical error, human error, virus activity or theft, we do not take liability of that. Yes, wherever possible, we shall offer a reshoot. But we do not stand liable to compensate in any financial or other manner.

What should we do to secure and save our data in a long period.

This is in fact a very good query raised. People believe that their data is SAFE in an editable media like Hard Disks whether internal or external, Pen Drives etc. But this is a great myth. Pen Drives & Hard Drives are easily accessible edited media and not read only media. So as the name states, you can delete or format the editable media as it is not a read only media. It may also happen that some one may by mistake delete the data from editable media or some virus activity, bad sectors or drive errors may also cause your data to be compromised and lost.

If you do not have any other option and you are forced to use editable media only, then you should go for multiple copies of the data back up, at least three copies on different drives.

Else, the best and the most cost effective option is to write the data on Blu Ray or DVD Disks. With normal effort one cannot edit or delete the data from Read Only Media. Unless the disks are stolen, scratched or tampered to an extent or broken, the data is not lost. Based on our experience, taking data back up in 2 same set of disks is the most reliable way to secure your precious data.